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Thread: It's been long time.....

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    It's been long time.....

    So I'm not sure if anyone will remember me, but I'm Ryan. I'm the "ride or die" BMW lady with the DIYd red BMW e46 with stripes.

    Well, I sold it.

    And bought a new Mustang, lol.

    It's a 2017 GT Premium Performance Package, and I couldn't be happier. I picked it up from Asheville Ford at the end of June, currently have over 3,500 miles on it, and it's not really my DD. I absolutely love it. It does need some suspension tweaking, even with the performance package upgrades.

    My intentions for the car:
    90% around town, 10% track

    I have spent many full-day autocross's at the BMW PC, but that e46 BMW was not the car I wanted to put on a road course. (My own personal reasons with this particular car. The e46 is an excellent track platform.) But the Mustang is car I want to put on the track, and I can't wait to do it.

    So I'm curious if we have any members that are tracking their cars? Is there a local group that does VIR, CMP, etc events together? Has anyone done a tracknightAmerica?

    Thanks everyone :wave

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    I remember that E46. Did it stay in WNC when you sold it? I can swear I seen't it recently. Congrats on the new purchase.

    As for track time, not may people that I know actually go to the track. My brother (E46 M3), Tyler (2001 Ford Mustang) and myself (E46 M3) are going to be attending a 2 day track event with NASA at Road Atlanta on October 8th-9th.

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    welcome back... I remember your car winning "Best Import" at a Warriors Car show held at Erwin HS a few years back.

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    @pawa_k2001 Yeah, I sold my car to a local guy. He drives it a lot, which I enjoy seeing l, but this is his first manual/lowered/sports car, so it's not maintained those award winning qualities @lt1_f3ds mentioned. But he loves the car to death, and it reminds me of how much I used to love it. Sappy, sappy, boohoo stuff.

    I didn't know what NASA was, googled it and that's a great lead for me. Thanks so much. I'd love to go the 8th & 9th, but my husband and I have a fishing convention in Cherokee the following weekend, so I doubt I could pull a baby sitter two weekends in a row.

    Well, thanks for remembering me guys. I remember you guys too. @pawa's m3 rebuild but I never saw it the final result. And @lt1, which I believe on the day on said car show your hair was a pinkish purple and you won an award as well.

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