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Thread: SVX Powered Subaru Forester

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    SVX Powered Subaru Forester


    About time I posted up a build thread for my EG33 forester. The Idea behind this car is to create a fun touge car that makes great sounds and has a little more grunt than a stock forester without going turbo. The EG33 is rated for around 200hp and an equal amount of torque. I picked the car up from a guy in kingsport TN with the engine already in the car and he had it running. However when I picked it up. There was little interior where it belonged most of the dash was in the back seat and the computer and wiring harness was in the passenger seat. So I bought it and towed it home and began tearing into it.

    The first step was to get it street worthy so I could start sorting it out. Electronics were the main thing and cooling. for electronics nothing was quite wired in other than the basic engine controls and secondary harness loom (turn signals headlights...). First I installed a few aftermarket gauges including a tach and a temperature gauge. The next problem was the cooling system which first I wasn't getting quite enough air to the radiator so it required hood spacers and A 6"x12" square cut in the bumper to increase air flow.

    Next I did some suspension which I traded around for a set of used GR2s and impreza springs which lowered it around 2" and stiffened it up quite a bit. I purchased a cheap set of wheels and tires which I'm now having a bit of clearance issues due to profile size. Tires are 215/70/16s which I'm going to have to get a set of 215/45/16s to make it work properly it will reduce the radious of the tire but should help with the gear ratio a bit.

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    In for pictures and details. Whats next on the to do list?

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