Finally felt like I accomplished something.

Came in early on Saturday and started to assembly the coilovers since the tubes were shortened a week ago. I requested the tubes to be shortened 1.5" and am happy with the outcome. The picture of the E30 below is of it sitting on coilovers completely spun up, the control arms are perfectly parallel to the floor. I doubt I will want to go any lower and I am happy to have the complete strut travel since most people drive around with coils spun down where the strut travel is destroyed.

Next I connected the E36 M3 ECU I received from TRM Tuning and finished off the automatic to manual transmission wiring. I did some final work around the engine, filled all the fluids and gave it a shot at first start.. I failed.. After scratching my head why the engine is misfiring so bad, I found out that I didn't plug in any injectors.. Well, injectors plugged in, codes cleared and engine purrs. Really happy that it finally runs but now back to work to complete the project by mid-March, still a lot of work to do.