This is my second Mazda & I have been just as satisfied this time as last. I bought the car equipped exactly as I wanted it (LOADED), but it was the color combo I really wanted--Black Cherry with Almond leather.

Anyway, the Mazda6 is a great car. It's not the quietest in its class or the most fuel efficient, but it's good at everything. The ride is nice but it still handles well. I can vouch for the excellent steering (and a terrific turning circle). It wasn't until I tried keeping up with psycho Subarus that I realized it was lacking in the suspension department, and by that I mean it has a very supple suspension tune, so tight, fast corners are not its forte.

There are so many things I like about it. The seats are comfortable, the controls feel high-quality. Remote window and sunroof opening, push-button start, the lighting is superb (inside and out). I guess the color gets the most compliments, until they get in it and are surprised by how quick it is.

It is a bit overpowered for a FWD car. It took me months to get my aggressive launches to happen with minimal wheelsman--new tires helped, the OEM tires are expensive and have little grip if youíre an aggressive driver.

Let's see, odd notes:

The front bumper snap connectors at the fenders are a recall item. My local dealer (that also services it) has replaced them twice. They got it right the last time, itís been like 50-60,000 miles since one popped totally loose. The alignment shifts occasionally with the heat or cold.

The brakes arenít up to aggressive driving, but the transmission is. The brakes are simply too small. The transmission (all 6 ďSĒ models are 6-speed auto) is adaptive with a manual mode. The adaptive sport mode doesnít have a description beyond that it exists in the manual. It depends on how aggressive the throttle and steering are manipulated. One drive with the club had it in the sport algorithm for 3 days after I came home. I had driven the car in ďMĒ all day, but it switched and stayed that way until I played nice for 3 straight days.

The interior (on the Grand Touring) is spectacular. All black or almond seats/door panels/headliner with a black base. The GT has heated seats (the 2010 has electrochromic exterior mirrors on both sides, the other years only the driverís side). The trim on the GT is upgraded, too. More glossy trim that the lesser trims donít have. The back seat is huge and roomy, the truck is very large with strut-style hinges that donít intrude into the trunk.

The outside mirrors didnít fold until 2012. Theyíre heated, electrochromic, have blind-spot monitoring indicators, but donít bump them on something. #bloop

There is ONE bulb that can be changed without removing something else. Itís a high beam on one side (I donít plan on ever changing the high beam bulbs). The rest of the assembly is tucked neatly into those RX-8 style pontoon fenders. Best I can tell, take the wheel off if you want easy access to that side.

Overall, immensely satisfied, here. As I debate my lust for the new 6, I know that itís engine will underwhelm me and for the first time ever, Iím debating on keeping a car when I buy a new one. Like I opened with, this is my second Mazda. My first was a 2005 Mazda3, which subsequently sold a 2006 & 2007 to my sister and my roommate at the time. All of them have been very satisfied. If a driverís car is what you crave, something that satisfies and delights on a regular basis, you canít go wrong with a Mazda.Grill Shot.jpg