Hello all,

So I figured I would write a short review of the 88 Subaru Justy that I was able to enjoy for a short time. The Justy is a perky little car that has all kinds of ambiance, a short drive or a stop at the grocery store and people will walk up to you and ask about it. I really enjoyed my short time with this car and will buy another if I'm given the chance. The model that I had was the RS or "Rally Spec" which had the Push button 4wd which was on top of the shifter mine was rather sticky but you could put it in 4wd while driving.

The Engine

The little Justy was equipped with a 1.2L 3 cylinder engine which made somewhere around 60HP. The engine definitely lacked power even though mine was in very good shape I actually had to bump up the timing to dig a little more power to keep up with traffic on the interstate. Still a cool engine because it made funky sounds. The engine was extremely easy to work on parts were relatively cheap and available which surprised me.

The Transmission

Overall the trans shifted rather well and worked very well in the car. The throw was long and there was a bit of play in the linkage but then again it's an old car. The Trans was also rather noisy but tolerable.


The suspension was rather like that of a civic which the car feels fairly planted although has tons of body roll which can be a little scary at times. I also had put oversized wheels and tires off of a e30 bmw which made it scrape from time to time.

Things to look for when purchasing

A few things to look for when purchasing a justy, #1 RUST it's the great killer of classic cars and the Justys are very bad for it, it can be found in the rear corner panels and also on the frame rails check it with a screwdriver you don't want to buy one if it has much of it and look for excessive bondo because it can be a big headache for a little car. #2 engine they love to eat pistons so a compression check is a good idea if it has good compression it could run forever. #3 Steering one of the biggest failures is the steering rack in the suspension they tend to wear out which can be a costly fix.

Overall if you have the chance to find one of these little Gems don't pass it up! It's quite the fun little car and they are getting rarer by the day you won't regret it!