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WNCRides.com FAQ

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Off topic Rules

Just like any other chat forums, there has to be rules. They will remain simple unless we have a problem with some of the forum members.


Be smart, and use common sense. If you see a thread that says "Nude Pics" and your at work and click it, sorry. Its not our fault you didn't read and pay attention. IF there is no Work Warning( *WW* *NWS* *NWF* a possible few ) and you click it then there thread starter will get a PM.

**Work Warnings**

If you want to post nude/partially nude/almost nude pics thats fine. There MUST be some sort of *WW* in the title . Those porn/pics threads with no warning, will be locked. No ?'s asked. Its not hard to type WW on the title. There shall be no Work Warning threads posted outside of "Off - Topic" Nudes have nothing to do with cars, (even if the model is in the pic) so please put it in Off-Topic.

**No racism**

Thats all that needs to be said about that. Punishment will be depending on your posting history. If you post alot you will be "banned" for 1 week. If you dont post alot you will be "banned" for 2 weeks. Etc etc. IF it occurs from the same person more then once, it will result in a ban of 2 months. 3rd time will be lifetime ban.

"Cliff notes" - no racism. Period.


Do not post to celebrate your 1000 or 200th post. Any threads containing "post #....) in the title will be locked. Please keep the whoring to a whore thread or chat thread only. It sucks to have great threads ruined from whoring. If the whoring is out of hand the threads/posts will be edited by the moderator or an admin.

The rules are simple, and easy to follow. I dont think there will be a problem. If you have any questions or comments, contact me. Eric@wncrides.com or PM me.

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