We are a local forum-based car club, serving Asheville and the surrounding areas, and welcome all types of car, truck, or bike enthusiasts!

WNCRides.com FAQ

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How do I become a WNCrides Club member?

The first thing you need to ask yourself is IF you want to dedicate some time to the site. We do not ask much, however every once in a while we will have a mandatory meet. Ask yourself if you will participate in the forums and the meets. If the answer to either of these is NO, then you dont want to be in our club.

If however you do like the idea of unity and a group belonging. We are the club for you. A very select user base allows the "family" to stay close together.

To begin your membership into the club:

Get to know some of the members. Talk to them, show them you have intrest in the club and that you are willing to participate. Along with this send an email to Eric@wncrides.com or austin@wncrides.com Either of us will be glad to help you out.


Advertising on WNCrides

Rules of WNCrides

--- Signature Rules ---

Each member on the site is allowed to have a signature. This signature will show up at the end of each post this person makes. Due to some members still being connected via 56k (24.0k for me @ work) we need to have a regulation on the size of your signatures. Each signature picture needs to be at least less then the following dimensions. 500 (width) x 200 (height) and LESS then 150 kb in size. Please only ONE picture per signature as well. If you donate to WNCrides or are a moderator, I will add another picture to your signature for you. You may adjust it however you want, or you can delete it (except moderator pictures) As for how many lines of text you can have - 15 lines with no picture and 10 lines with a picture. We try to get to all the people who have an oversized signature, but we can't get them as soon as they go up. Please just hit the report bad post button if you feel their signature is too big.

--- Whoring in threads ---

There will be *chat* threads in off topic that will be the host for all your "whoring" needs. Please keep from taking informative posts and good topic threads and turning them into a whore thread. Those posts will be deleted and further action will be taken if it becomes a serious problem with the same person. We have had many threads run south due to the whoring that over takes them. Please try to keep the whoring outside of the whore threads to a minimum.


--- Post count to sell on WNCrides ---

You will need a post count of 25 or more to creat threads in the for sale section. Right now it's moderated and threads are closed. In the future you wont even be allowed to start a new thread if you dont have 25 posts or more. The only exception are registered and up to date sponsors, noone else. If you find your thread closed, then dont whore around the site until you get your 25 posts. You must be a member for at least 2 weeks before you can post. This cuts out people from joining one day and then whoring all day to create a thread in the for sale section.

A location tag MUST be filled out in order to sell something on this site. Although we have members who are near each other, it makes things a lot easier to know where someone is from when purchasing items.

--- Racism ---

This will not be tolerated AT ALL. No member or sponsor is excempt from this rule. Period.

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