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  1. the rx7 guy who owns this club...
  2. The Russian.. (Really a Ukrainian) lol
  3. Just another 240 fanboy
  4. A little bit of everything
  5. The FL boy
  6. The Token Japanese Guy
  7. If you see an evo, it's probably mine..
  8. Miata / Subaru Guy
  9. My wife hates me because I work on my cars too much..
  10. Da Mexican guy from New Mexico
  11. Sorta new sorta not
  12. Been a while...
  13. Hey yooouuu guys!
  14. Hello!
  15. In memory of Wilke
  16. New to the forum
  17. New here... not your average Thunderbird
  18. New to wncrides but not to wnc
  19. BigJon3475
  20. It's been long time.....
  21. Before you ask, no i dont have rotary anymore..